Why Steve Jobs Obsessed About Bathroom Locations

SteveJobs Some great thinkers of old worked alone but the digital age came about because visionaries worked side by side, sharing ideas, collaborating in teams. Walter Isaacson discusses creativity as a collaborative process and yes Steve Jobs’ obsession with floor plans and bathroom locations in this well researched article. And no Al Gore did not invent the internet, at least alone.

Not shown is Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs‘ neighborhood pal and co-visionary-founder of Apple.

Uncertainty’s Value


Risk Not, Nor Shall You Receive.

Edison, Galileo, Lucretius all dealt with uncertainty. All of them great thinkers and innovators. How many times have you stopped because of fear? Fear of the unknown… Uncertainty of an outcome… Where would civilization be if the great thinkers were afraid to take risks?

“Uncertainty is our great friend and ally that allows us to invent, seek and find solutions to old ways of living that in our hearts we know are boxing us in.” – WisdomRX.com.

Be certain that risk has rewards. Unbind your inhibitions. Unleash the creative spirit within. Embrace uncertainty – take command of your world.