To Link Or Not To Link?

Unlink FaceBook TwitterIn the past I linked my Tweets so they also appeared on my Facebook page. This was expedient. A quick way to disseminate information. But in my opinion not good in practice and I might add not particularly good Internet citizenship. I recently wised up and unlinked my Twitter account from my personal Facebook page.

Tweets are short. I try to use them to benefit my clients. On the other hand, Facebook posts tend to be longer and are most often used by others like a personal journal or guidebook to their life. The two serve entirely different purposes so it is best to keep them that way. If you want to link your Tweets to your Facebook account, link them to your company page not your home page.

Twitter can be a good business tool and you can follow my tweets if you like by following @idigcreative. Here are more good reasons why you should not link Facebook and Twitter. But if you really want to link them this is a very good tutorial on how to do it.

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