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Technological Singularity is a hypothetical event when artificial intelligence surpasses all human brainpower.
Imagine Raphael’s “School of Athens”, on steroids.

Will man be replaced by machines?

Using a formula similar to Moore’s law, Raymond Kurzweil calculates that in less than 25 years the capacity of artificial intelligence will be about a billion times the sum of all human intelligence today. On that day it is possible that intelligent, automated machines will be able to self-propagate leaving our tiny human brains behind.

Think of how it is affecting us allready. When your phone call is routed to an automated system asking mind-numbing questions does your heart rate increase?

Man’s Irrational Heart

The human heart has the ability to make irrational jumps to places far beyond our current state. Can a machine do that? Will a computer ever be able to suspend logic and dream? Perhaps.

We are all faced with extinction. Let your heart put the “human” stamp on everything you do.

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