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The expression “Death by PowerPoint” refers to presentations that are bland, boring, badly designed or so overloaded with information that viewers are overwhelmed and don’t remember anything. It’s easy to lose credibility with your audience. Confidence in your company takes a tumble. Business opportunities are lost.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead imagine standing in front of a large audience and delivering a beautifully-crafted custom presentation that tells the story of your business with stunning images, engages your audience with powerful messaging, entertains them, establishes trust with them and builds confidence in your sales team.

That’s what iDig Creative does for you. Forget the frustration of using YOUR valuable time to put together a presentation that flows, that’s visually attractive, and that connects with and engages your audience. Let us handle that, so that you free up your sales and marketing departments to focus on their core competencies.

Presentations – a selection of what we offer

  • Custom presentations designed specifically to match your goals and vision.
  • Info-graphics that clearly illustrate problems and solutions.
  • Animated presentations that explain technical data in easy-to-understand words and images.
  • Interactive presentations that involve the viewer.
  • Voice over talent adds a human element to your information.
  • Custom sound design and background music retain viewers’ attention by appealing to all of the senses.
  • Custom templates to underscore your brand.
  • Presentation makeovers. You may have a good basis already. We’ll make it come alive for you.
  • Style guides to ensure consistency of look and feel in all future presentations COMPANY-WIDE.

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