Memorial Day Heroes Deserve Honor

Memorial Day

What goes wrong when nations fail their heroes?
Was it the blind command?
What of their noble cause?
What of the blood they shared?

Today the world owes all those who died for freedom a debt.
Exorbitant in its price, rivaled by our inability to pay.
We too easily forget that something worth dying for,
Must certainly be worth living for.

And beyond the mortal world of prophets and lies;
Truth breeds wisdom that can not be ignored.
Will you and I die with the cost un-repaid?
Or can we live with our hearts full of sharing of those who went before?

– D. Iliff

Be conscious of our treasures


We are blessed to live in this country called the United States of America. From sea to shinning sea our freedom, our way of life sets a standard for others to follow. Yes, the USA is not perfect. But we have the liberty to express ourselves and the right to fight against injustice. For this we should all give thanks to those who came before us and prayers for those who follow.

  • For each new morning with its light,
  • For rest and shelter of the night,
  • For health and food, for love and friends,
  • For everything Thy goodness sends.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson