Member Association Web Sites – WordPress or Joomla? That is The Question

Wordpress is a good platform, especially for blogging. And because it is so ubiquitous, members of associations may find it easier to add content if they are familiar with it already. However, the Joomla platform is better for member associations. There are plugins available for Joomla making it a good blogging tool as well. The advantage of Joomla is it allows each member to have an individual profile and gives them the ability to edit it, but restricts their access to other area of the site. The member profile structure in Joomla creates searchable directories allowing filtering and sorting like any good database system. Worpdress can add filtering and categories for blog posts, but restricting member access is not its strong point. That in a nutshell is the difference.

Why Steve Jobs Obsessed About Bathroom Locations

SteveJobs Some great thinkers of old worked alone but the digital age came about because visionaries worked side by side, sharing ideas, collaborating in teams. Walter Isaacson discusses creativity as a collaborative process and yes Steve Jobs’ obsession with floor plans and bathroom locations in this well researched article. And no Al Gore did not invent the internet, at least alone.

Not shown is Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs‘ neighborhood pal and co-visionary-founder of Apple.