Five Steps to Drive Business

Follow these five steps to get your business plan out of the garage
and onto the highway.sportscar
  1. 1Identify your brand
    • What’s your passion?
    • What makes you different?
  1. 2Energize your commitment to success
    • Buy in to your ideas
    • Be accountable to someone
  2. 3Identify your best customers
    • Target categories, demographics
    • Develop general database
    • Cull the herd
  3. 4Surround your prospects
    • Identify all possible means of contact
    • Prioritize by: Time, Cost, Effectivenes (ROI)
    • Deliver messaging that focuses on benefits
  4. 5Layout a roadmap
    • Map out your business goal’s destinations, Identify:
      • The town of 10 new clients
      • The city of 200 customers
      • Your customer’s world
    • Estimate time of arrival (Marketing Schedule)
    • Get in your car and go!

Special Thanks to Centrifugal Leadership

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  • Andy Golo


    Some good ideas on how to build a marketing plan.


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